The Books

First there was Mother Goose, and then there was Dr. Seuss, now Auntie Liki joins these imaginative authors with a creative blend of poetic verses and fun dialogue to create her extraordinary new children’s books series! Auntie Liki’s Book Corner is the official author’s hub for all of Auntie Liki’s children’s books which include:

  • Dog Gone Shame
  • The Legend of Buddy Bear
  • The Education of Topple Fink
  • Welcome to Brooner Holler

Each book offers an opportunity for parents to read with their kids while also discussing with them life lessons about sharing, friendship, fairness, competition, and having fun. These books are fun to read for kids and parents alike. Illustrated by a rising star in the children’s book genre, Travis Molitor, kids will have the opportunity to follow their favorite Auntie Liki characters for years.

All of Auntie Liki’s books are serials which will leave readers anxious for the next book in the series! The Legend of Buddy Bear will keep parents and their kids guessing, ‘Is he a real boy? Is he really a ghost?’ Girls will cheer on Camilla, Missy, and Randi as they prove to the boys on Brooner Holler that anything boys can do, the girls can do too!

In The Education of Topple Fink, four friends help a spoiled, bratty, rich kid learn the true value of friendship while also learning a few things themselves. First on deck for publication is Dog Gone Shame; a delightful little story about a house dog who runs away from home. Through his adventures, dog learns about unlikely friendships, how to make it in the rough, and ultimately how much he is truly loved.

The Author

Auntie Liki first began writing stories before she even knew how to write words! According to her mom Auntie Liki would draw little picture stories that were surprisingly well “written” – so to speak. From that point on, her mom, teachers, and friends encouraged her blossoming talent. In the second grade, Auntie Liki wrote Topple Fink, which would later be called The Education of Topple Fink. In the third grade, she wrote Dog Gone Shame.

When she got to middle school, Auntie Liki continued to expand her skills and came up with the idea for The Girls and the Strawberry Fountain which later became Welcome to Brooner Holler. Then in the ninth grade after a field trip to the lake with her English class, Auntie Liki decided to try her hand at writing a ghost story for kids and thus The Legend of Buddy Bear was born!

Now after rewriting all four books for publication, Auntie Liki is ready to make her publishing debut with the first of five books in the Dog Gone Shame series. Make sure to follow Auntie Liki’s Book Corner here on WordPress and like her Facebook page to get the latest news and information about Auntie Liki’s books!

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